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Oh good grief!

Recently Piers Morgan and PETA debated the use of the PET. As in "I have a pet".

I'm not on either side for this. I think we are losing sight of the actual fundamental issue. Respect. Respect for other animals because like it or not, WE are animals as well. We might be ...

Red Panda
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Even though we have all been enjoying the Christmas break, something that has not escaped anyone's view has been the awful fires that have destroyed huge amounts of Australia. Now this isn't going to be a post about global warming, as we can all now accept easily the evidence.

No, my thoughts are that ...

Turnstone wader with damaged legged
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Something that is marvelous to watch in Brixham are the numerous "bold as brass" Turnstones. In Summer with their striking livery or as now with their Winter coats. These little birds will wander around and under the feet of many of the locals or tourists that come to Brixham.

On my first walk ...

Cheetah on the move
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Classification: Natural Location: Namibia

This seems to be a lot of people's favourite images I've taken. A Cheetah just on the move with energy and power. The lovely thing with this image is that it captures and stops the motion. I've seen a lot of images w here the Cheetah is blurred to give a greater ...

Heron Flying
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Classification: Natural Location: Doxey Marsh, Staffordshire

Not the best shot in the world, but one I quite like because of the bird, and the time of day. Doxey Marsh can be found on the outskirts of Stafford. A town I used to live in. It has a main train line running through it, the M6 running through ...

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