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I was privileged to see the work they did and document it. AfriCat held annual health checks for the animals of the 20,000 ha reserve. They allowed tourists to view this, along with the aforementioned school children. An amazing chance to witness first hand the innovative projects, creating ambassadors throughout the world. My images were given to AfriCat along with the researchers, and extraordinary vets. This allowed them to use the images to educate and raise funds to move projects forward. I took over 20,000 images over the years, some hold very dear memories for me, and others are reminders of the challenges faced by the animal world in the 21st century.

Paw Prints in the Sand, is a coffee table book that gives you a chance to dip into the world of conservation. It is a square format book (think vinyl album sized), with 92 pages of images, and anecdotes, with sections on Namibia, its landscape, its wildlife, and the work of AfriCat. If you love big cats and nature, then this is a book for you.

This book is being printed in the UK, something I am very proud of. My philosophy has always been to try to support local businesses where I live with the work I produce. This book will support a local company in printing it.

Book is 294mm square (just smaller than a vinyl album LP Record).

£5 from each book sold will go to AfriCat UK.

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AfriCat Foundation

AfriCat UK is the UK fundraising body for AfriCat and the Namibian Lion Trust based in Namibia within the Okonjima reserve and near Etosha National Park. Both stunning locations that allow for amazing research and conservation practices to help save wildlife and further the understanding of the animals.

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