Simon has been a speaker at events around the UK and internationally for the majority of his career both in I.T. And as a photographer. A regular speaker on the camera clubs circuit, he has a friendly, and motivational approach. He has a selection of exceptional presentations that covers his most recent life as a photographer and cameraman.
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Topic - Music Photography.

His early photographic career in music photography producing iconic pictures of well know musicians from the 1970's through to 2000. This was where it all started with his first big break.

Topic - From Rocking to Horses.

The transition from music to equestrian photography and filming. Simon has worked with some amazing clinicians with his filming regularly seen on both US and UK satellite and terrestrial TV stations.

Topic - It Rained in Namibia.

The final step in his transformation to being a conservation photography and camera man. This presentation documents his work in Namibia (his second home....if he could afford too).

Topic - AfriCat Predator conservation

A photographer's tale about tails! This is an expanded presentation taking the second half of his It rained in Namibia talk and diving deeper into the world of conservation and human wildlife conflict.

Simon is available as an after dinner speaker, along with other events, and you should contact him to discuss your requirements directly.