Simon's extensive knowledge of concert lighting and his passion for music makes him the ideal team member for an artist wishing to show the passion of their music through the still image. Having worked for various bands in the past, and festivals, he is used to the dynamics that go with a tour or event.

If you are a band, artist, or production team looking for images that "speak" please do contact Simon to discuss your needs.
  •  Alan White - Yes

    Alan White - Yes

  •  Edgar Froese - Tangerine Dream

    Edgar Froese - Tangerine Dream

  •  Simple Minds

    Simple Minds

  •  Steve Hogarth

    Steve Hogarth

  •  Steve Rothery

    Steve Rothery

  •  Mohair


  •  Marillion


  •  Wild Hearts

    Wild Hearts

  •  She's Got the River

    She's Got the River

  •  She's Got the River

    She's Got the River

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