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"Animals²" Series

A brand new exciting way to view animals. Simon is proud to be releasing the first boxset of his images. In a beautiful square hand crafted presentation box. Ten prints mounted ready to be framed.

This first edition includes two cub prints, and eight adult Cheetah prints from Simon's collection of Cheetah photography. Mounted ready for the wall, you simply need to place your favourite prints in a 10 inch Square frame.

Last Assessment:
28th May 2014


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Latest Blog Post

  • Dolphins, some thoughts...

    I had an amazing day yesterday on the Dolphin Watch UK boat guiding for them. It’s a very precious moment for me. In the same way that when I’ve worked at AfriCat in Namibia I’m privileged to being given a ring side seat in return for documenting their work. The boat gives me a brief glimpse into the world of cetaceans.

    Part of this is the ...

  • The unreported consequences of COVID.

    A few years ago I had the absolute pleasure of taking photographs of some “chubby unicorns” in Namibia. Its stems back to a time when the only photograph I had of a Rhino was a backside disappearing into the bush! But, after a long association with the folks at AfriCat, they arranged for me to take a series of images of a group of Rhinos that were ...

  • Politics and Nature - Should it be separated?

    In the 21st Century we are constantly reminded of the issues of politics. Governments are at loggerheads with each other, trying to protect their interests which, sometimes, even extend to the population of their country. In this century we’ve also been reminded of how fragile our place in this world is by the most minute of “creatures”. Covid has ...

  • One more thing…

    If you've followed my work over the years there has been a developing theme with each passing year or decade! That makes me feel old!! But I always wanted to separate out and identify the different areas of my work. From an ethics point of view with my classification of types of images. Natural, Art House, and Words Worth. You can find more about ...

  • Not Acceptable!

    This year I'm branching out into some very wet safaris! Sea based ones to be precise. But in the process, there is always a period of getting up to speed and learning new things.

    But, one thing I've learned from the past is that humans, even now after everything that is going on in the world. Can exhibit the most appalling behaviours.

    Let ...

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