Canine Photographic Shoot

The Canine Shoot

It's a thank you for your best friend...

Starting from £100
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Each session has a basic period of time. We start with an hour and go from there. Additional hours can be purchased if you want to have a more relax time as sometimes beautiful things can be stressful! Perhaps you have an additional dogs that you want to include, and know that an hour may not be enough.

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Planning Call

This is so important. The more we plan and sort before we get to the photographs the better. We can cover the location, the objectives (it's always good to have them), amongst other things. We can take as long as we need on the call, and remember there is no such thing as a silly question.

What do you get?

There is a lot that happens on the day, and before, so lets have a look at everything that you get in the basic package, and then extend that to other options available to…


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An Hour Shoot

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As part of the planning process, we need to decide where these amazing photographs will be taken. Many times it's at your home, but sometimes you'll want action photographs or perhaps a better location. It really is your time with your dog, so let's get this decided. I'll travel to wherever it makes sense.

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There are two basic options for the "when". You can choose from a weekday option which is the default. However, if you would prefer a weekend you can select that upgrade for a small uplift in cost.

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Upgrades Available

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Weekend Shoot

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