A day of rest!

Its Sunday, and thankfully a day of rest for me. Although some might argue I should be working every hour, I will be for the second had of the project. Ther will be some four am starts and late night finishes in the next few days to enable me to get the shots that I need for the book.

I guess I can look at the time here at AfriCat as a two part stay. The first half was very definitely medically orientated for the cats. All of them are and continue to be darted, brought in, checked over, sterilised, and then released. 
My concern is that some of these cats from the earlier part of the week, have been shaved across their stomachs, and if they are in photographs, I need to make sure that’s not visible. Now before any wildlife photographers get upset, I won’t be photoshopping out the shaved areas, just making sure the camera is at the right angle. They are still wild animals either way.
As i write this I’m sitting in Okanjimas new lodge, which is the other side of the Business. A stunning venue, which has given me some ideas. 

Ther will be a proper photographic update later on this week.

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