I have pretty strong views about how you present your photographic work. I’ve even written about it before when the photographer isn’t exactly truthful in their image making. In this post I wanted to explore a slightly different angle to the whole truth in photography discussion. Recently another prestigious competition has found itself in a […]

How I got into Conservation?

Well, that’s a challenging question. There isn’t an easy route in. Sometimes it happens through sheer dumb luck (Harry Potter reference!!). That would be my route. To actually work in conservation, you would need to have demonstrable qualifications in the applicable field you want to get in too. Something I regret as I was never […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

Without a shadow of a doubt we continually sold to that the next camera is better resolution, better quality, better hardware, it has wifi, nfc, Bluetooth. The lens is crisper, sharper, higher grade glass. The body is waterproof, snow proof, cat proof! You name it, it’s either here now, or coming soon. But is the […]

The joy of people who want to be helpful, but only if you pay them….the downside of crowd-funding.

Recently I launched a Kickstrater campaign for my new book. It’s a tall order as the costs mean that producing the book will be around £40K! I don’t have that sort of money. If I did, I almost certainly wouldn’t be running a campaign on Kickstarter. Now, I have no objections to people being entrepreneurial. […]