Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

Without a shadow of a doubt we continually sold to that the next camera is better resolution, better quality, better hardware, it has wifi, nfc, Bluetooth. The lens is crisper, sharper, higher grade glass. The body is waterproof, snow proof, cat proof! You name it, it’s either here now, or coming soon. But is the […]

….Are we there yet?

From Hartpury to the Grange….The final leg. The Monty Roberts tour has finished. Last night, in front of a warm hearted audience at the Grange, Monty delivered his last demo of the tour. You would be forgiven for thinking that everyone then goes home, sits back and takes it easy. But, that just isn’t the […]

Myerscough 2013 – Monty Roberts Tour

Myerscough 2013 Myerscough is always a nice venue to film at. The layout is good for me, and they have plenty of electric sockets……..and… WIFI! Bless their little boot encapsulated socks! Before we get started, the funny thing pointing at Monty in the Round Pen in the panoramic view above is the top of my […]

Richmond 2013 – Monty Roberts Tour

¬†Richmond EC – North Yorkshire ¬† Without a shadow of a doubt. The folks at Richmond Equestrian Centre, both audience and owners, were truly wonderful. The tour arrived in North Yorkshire for the second time on this first leg of five dates to a venue that provides a challenge. Monty and I were talking about […]

Houghton 2013 – Monty Roberts Tour

Houghton  Hall & Alpaca Centre The dust settled from set-up at Houghton and the new venue (for us), was sold out! The folks at Houghton made us feel very welcome and certainly scored a 9.5 from me on the filming front too! There is a lot of work going on in this venue right now, […]


I’m having a flashback……… When I started taking photographs my parents bought me an brand new Agfa 110 camera. It had a a clever, almost James Bond style, winding function where you pull the two sides apart, took a picture, then closed it to wind the film on. They bought me a couple of films […]