Winter Fox
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Art House image

In the past people have asked about this image. I've always enjoyed the fascination that people have with this picture, because it speaks of the character of the fox. Slightly hidden from view, observing the world, on the lookout for the next meal. The opportunist in nature.

An ...

A comic, and a environmental nightmare!
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Before I get started I just wanted to say that there are too many comics relying on the gimmick of cheap, throw away toys. I have used this comic as an illustration of a larger scale problem. I’m not picking on this particular magazine for any other reason than to illustrate the issue that seems to be out of ...

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I'm having a flashback...

When I started taking photographs my parents bought me an brand new Agfa 110 camera. It had a a clever, almost James Bond style, winding function where you pull the two sides apart, took a picture, then closed it to wind the film on. They bought me a couple of films ...

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I have pretty strong views about how you present your photographic work. I’ve even written about it before when the photographer isn’t exactly truthful in their image making. In this post I wanted to explore a slightly different angle to the whole truth in photography discussion.

Recently another prestigious ...

Smile for the Camera!
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Well, that’s a challenging question. There isn’t an easy route in. Sometimes it happens through sheer dumb luck (Harry Potter reference!!). That would be my route. To actually work in conservation, you would need to have demonstrable qualifications in the applicable field you want to get in too. Something ...

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