Water, water everywhere

I have moved into a flat that has a water meter. I received the reading recently for 79 days, and it made me question the amount of water I use. A good thing. It’s only me, and the flat has a shower (no bath). I have a shower everyday, and use filtered water as the area I live in has hard water. While the hard water is a bit of a pain, I realise today that it does have a good side.

I have to use a filter for the water, and by doing so, use less. But today, in the news, as I head on down to the Photography Show in Birmingham; I grabbed a coffee at the station Starbucks. Yes, I know there are many other reasons to be horrified by this, but I walked to the station, didn’t drive, or use a bus. I took exercise, and arrived early for my train.

But as I was waiting for my coffee to be provided, I stood at the servers, and watched something that pretty much all coffee shops do. For convenience and speed, in providing clean utensils, they leave a tap running at full force! Admittedly, the Barista, did turn it off a couple of time, but as I’m typing this, I can still hear it running.

Today, in the news. The UK CEO of the Environmental Agency, Sir James Bevan, warned that population will outstrip water supply in 20-25 years due to climate change. He used the phrase “Jaws of death” to describe the cross over of supply and demand, where the rivers in the UK, that service our ever increasing needs, will not meet demand because at certain times of the year the increasing temperatures will reduce water flow.

Sir James Bevan, went onto to say that this is only half of the problem. The other half is us, although I would argue the whole problem is us. If the population wasn’t increasing dramatically, and we hadn’t caused climate change then the problem wouldn’t exist! We should all do our bit to drive down waste water.

But today, I want to point a finger at corporate water waste. Every Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero, and other chains, along with the smaller independent firms, should reduce the waste, by stopping what I saw today.


We should each be using 40 litres of water less a day, I wander how much waste corporate UK is contributing?

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