Ink and Image

Ideally suited to any home, Ink and Image is the latest series of creative works from Simon. An umbrella title that encompasses his exploration of photography using many different forms. From digital manipulation through to the use of traditional analogue mediums such as film and Polaroid.

Towns and Landscapes

Since moving to the west country. Simon has decided to create a body of work that represents his creative views of the towns, villages and landscapes of the Devon, and Cornwall. Typically these images fall into the Art House and WordsWorth groups using digital manipulations. Some of the work applied to the images, while digital, will give a feel of film medium.

"It's a funny thing really. I grew up using film, developing and printing it. I experiment with Selenium toning amongst other things, which gave a beautiful feel to the finished work. These days, you can create the same feel and depth using just a computer, and a lot of knowledge. One day I hope to get a darkroom back up and running but for now, bits and bytes will have to do!" - Simon


The section of work that is unique. In most cases the artwork available is a one of original. Each piece will be unique through either the process or result of the process. Outcomes that are a result of unpredictable manipulations.

"To be honest, all photography is experimental. We see something through our eyes and wonder how best to recreate what we see and feel through the camera. For me experimental work is essential to maintain a healthy photographic eye. Think of it as the food you feed yourself. For many this means playing on a computer, which is what the Ink and Image series is all about, but additionally, going back to basics can really make amazing art. I use Polaroid and other base media to be creative. This then feeds into the main stream of may Ink and Image work." - Simon

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