An early part of Simon's career in photography was working with some bands, and also freelancing on the concert circuit. Simon still keeps his "eye" in with selected bands that he enjoys both musically and visually.

"Light! It's all about light, energy, expression, and the power of music. I love watching musicians lose themselves in the creations they play. Without wanting to cause offence, it is a little like wildlife photography. As a photographer you try to capture the subject in as natural an environment as you can, exhibiting their natural behaviours. It really is true when you see some musicians enveloped by their music. My pictures are only successful when I capture the musician in the most natural way. A really good picture is the one where a fan can tell you the song that is being played. All that from a non-moving, static image…" - Simon Palmer

  •  Alan White - Yes

    Alan White - Yes

  •  Edgar Froese - Tangerine Dream

    Edgar Froese - Tangerine Dream

  •  Simple Minds

    Simple Minds

  •  Steve Hogarth

    Steve Hogarth

  •  Steve Rothery

    Steve Rothery

  •  Mohair


  •  Marillion


  •  Wild Hearts

    Wild Hearts


A selection of Simon's images capture in book form as an amazing keep sake.

More titles are being added!

  •  She's Got the River

    She's Got the River

  •  She's Got the River

    She's Got the River

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