CheetahWorld 2018 Calendar

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12 Stunning images of predators!

Taken from the amazing archive of Simon's documentary pictures that he provides to AfriCat to help in education, research and fund raising. Simon has been a long time supporter of this charity and continues to raise money to help preserve these amazing animals for future generations.

Support his and AfriCat's work by buying this sumptuous calendar, and spend the next year living with these gorgeous predators!
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Buying this calendar will send money to AfriCat. 20% of the calendar profit will be donated to AfriCat. Here is the current total!
Predators from AfriCat. Ambassador and wild cats living in Okojima, Namibia. These wonderful animals both help with research, and crucial local education in the fight against Human Wildlife Conflict.
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By purchasing the calendar you guarantee getting it. It will be a limited run of calendars as always with Simon's work. You can see two buttons below where you can either purchase one or two calendars. Buying two will give you a saving, and solve the Christmas present problem!!

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